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Our vision includes simplifying the tax code, holding corporate subsidies accountable, revamping government procurement, controlling and then reducing our national debt, and leading in technological innovation. We’re committed to affordability for Canadians, breaking monopolies, and ending supply management. Unlike other parties, we propose structural change for lasting impact.

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Canadian Future proposes a significant reform in the civil service and government. The focus is on areas where evidence shows the government can make a positive difference. We think that civil society and the private sector should take the lead where appropriate, with the government maintaining necessary oversight. This includes an overhaul of government procurement based on private sector best practices, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

In terms of tax reform, Canadian Future will have a plan to simplify the complex tax system within eighteen months. This involves closing existing loopholes that have made the system overly complicated and burdensome. The provinces and territories are invited to participate in this tax reform, fostering a collaborative approach to fiscal policy. Alongside this, Canadian Future aims to implement a strategy to control and subsequently reduce the national debt, ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Canadian Future also promises to deliver a comprehensive report on federal corporate subsidies and their impact. This includes a thorough review of the supply management system. We think that if returns on investment cannot be measured, government money should not be spent, ensuring accountability and transparency in government spending.

Finally, we aim to break open monopolies in the telecom, airline, and grocery sectors, fostering competition and improving services for Canadians. We also propose to end supply management in the agricultural sector, promoting efficiency and competitiveness. To address the housing crisis, we plan to open an immigration stream specifically for the construction industry, providing the workers needed to increase housing supply. This comprehensive approach aims to address the structural issues in the economy and improve the standard of living for all Canadians.

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