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  • Which policies will Canadian Future focus on?
    First, if anyone wishes to contribute political ideas, you can use this template. Our team will only review completed documents, so please expand on your ideas as much as possible. If we aim to be a evidence-based party, we must set the example. To see some preliminary policy ideas, please see our interim policy framework. Policies will be open for debate and voting at our founding convention - hopefully next year.
  • What is Canadian Future?
    Canadian Future is a new political party that advocates for policies based on the values of freedom and responsibility. We believe in personal liberty, open government, fiscal accountability, and national unity and strength internationally.
  • What are the next steps for the Canadian Future Party?
    We've gathered all required materials for Elections Canada registration. Once approved, we'll run a candidate in upcoming federal by-elections (there will be at least 2). After this happens, we will be able to give tax receipts for donations.
  • How can I support Canadian Future?
    You can support our party by donating, becoming a member, volunteering, giving us your policy ideas, or spreading the word about us. Every contribution helps us build a better Canada.
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