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Policy Framework*


-Government Reform.

-Tax Reform.

-Corporate Subsidies Review.

-Dismantle Monopolies and Immigration Stream.


Climate Change

-Investments in nuclear, renewables, and R&D.

-National service for disaster management.

-Revenue-neutral carbon tax system.

-International & Local Cooperation.

Wild Fire


-Electoral system reform.

-Public engagement in  policy development.

-Government transparency.

-Support democracies (including Ukraine) abroad.

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Supreme Court

Freedom ​

-​Governments should avoid meddling in adult citizens’ private lives, except when necessary to protect their rights.

-Responsibility accompanies freedom, involving respect for others’ rights and community interests.

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-Direct building of units and remote work.

-More to come...

Modern Houses
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Foreign Policy/Defense

-Raise the defense budget to 2% of GDP, meeting our commitment to our NATO allies.

-Support Ukraine, until Victory.

-Decoupling from China.

-Trade and economic deals that support Canada’s national security agenda.



-The Canada Health Act should ensure healthcare access.

-Provinces and territories decide healthcare spending 

-They must share spending data for national evaluation.

-Immigrants with healthcare qualifications must be assessed within six months.

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*Canadian Future is a democratic party. Our policies will be approved by our members. These policies serve as an interim policy framework. This is not a complete platform and it will be added to and amended. To input ideas into the framework you can use this link.

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