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A New Year, one step closer to a New Party



Happy new year! I hope everyone had a good holiday break and is gearing up for all that 2024 has in store.


At Canadian Future, three months after announcing our plans to begin a new party, we’re starting the new year with a bang: I am pleased to let everyone know that we have collected the signatures, forms, and other material we need to register with Elections Canada. The package will be submitted early next week; the team will keep you posted on progress.


After Elections Canada approves our application there’s one last step before Canadian Future is a full-fledged party that can offer tax receipts for donations (many of you have asked about donations: thank you): run a candidate in any federal election. When that happens -and there are at least two federal by-elections coming up - then we can issue tax receipts.


Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a founding member of Canada’s newest federal political party. Thank you for believing our politics can be different – and better! If you haven’t yet joined the party, you can click here.


Thank you for being part of this project. While this isn’t the easiest time for Canada or the world, with rising prices, wars, and political divisions dominating the headlines, I know you share both my love for our country and the belief that our problems can be fixed through bold, evidence-based reforms.


But more on that later. It’s New Year’s Day, have a great reset. I’m looking forward to getting on the road to meet with Canadians from coast to coast to coast – let the Canadian Future team know if you’d like to help with organizing a get together in your community!


Thank you again, let’s get to work!

Dominic Cardy

Interim Leader

PS. If you haven’t yet - become a member, volunteer, or give us your policy ideas.


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