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An excellent first step

"Thank-you" to everyone who chipped in for last week’s fundraising campaign launch!


We received more than $3,400 from 36 donors from coast-to-coast. This is a great first step in our push to hit $50K by March 31st.


We still need more. Here’s why:

This week your Executive Committee gave the green light to begin a candidate search process for the upcoming by-elections in Toronto-St. Paul’s and in the Montreal riding of La Salle- Émard-Verdun. As well, the committee put together a media launch plan to increase the party’s national profile as soon as Elections Canada gives us the green light on our registration application. It’s been with them for a month, and we’re told these normally take anywhere from four to eight weeks.

So, it could happen any day now. Which is why we need to get ready NOW.

We need your help. Please spread the word and ask your friends to Get Involved in one of any number of ways.

And if you can, please help us with a donation of $10, $100, $1,000,$2,500 or $5,000.

Click here to donate – and please consider a monthly contribution if you can. The monthly donations help our executive team plan and budget with certainty well in advance.

Your donation is helping fill a void in the Canadian political scene at a time when two-thirds of Canadians feel politically homeless. They’re worried about growing extremism on the left and right, worried our institutions are growing weaker, even as government gets bigger.

The Canadian Future Party offers a strong, centrist, pragmatic approach to doing politics differently in Canada.

Please help us in our push to hit the $50K mark by March 31st.  Click here to donate.

Thank you for your support.

Rick Peterson

Founding Member


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