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Former MP joins CFP national council

Updated: Feb 7

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to be able to introduce the latest member of our Interim National Council, Denis Blanchette, who is representing the Province of Quebec.

Denis brings a wealth of political experience to our new party. He was elected as an NDP Member of Parliament for Louis-Hébert in the Orange Wave of 2011. He had been involved in the party long before that as a candidate and a member of the riding’s Electoral District Association.

After his time in Ottawa, he became the founding president of the provincial wing of the NDP in Quebec in 2017, where he once again presented himself as a candidate at the first by-election before the subsequent provincial election. Recognizing principles and policies are more important than party colour, he switched his affiliation to the Green Party of Canada in 2018 and served as candidate, president of his riding association and as an interim member on the party’s provincial executive.

His active participation in electoral politics is driven by his search to find consistency between political speech and political action that lead to concrete results for Canadians. He has a particular interest in protection of our environment. He sees the Canadian Future Party as a viable vehicle for those goals.

A retired public servant, Denis graduated from Laval University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and journalism.

I am thrilled to welcome him aboard the team.


Tara McPhail


PS. Thank you if you have already signed up to be a founding member of Canadian Future, and if you haven’t yet joined, just click here to become part of our fast-growing movement to change Canadian politics.


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