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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

As we come together to celebrate the country we love, I’m thinking about what makes Canada unique. Unlike our southern neighbors, known for their fiery (and one time revolutionary) politics, Canada was built on the foundation of moderation and practical centrism. This balanced approach has been the cornerstone of our good governance. And it worked: we have created a society that works for all of us, though there’s always more we can do.

This Canada Day, the reasons why we founded the Canadian Future Party are clear: to combat the growing divisiveness and “politics-before-country” attitude that is causing us to lose sight of those Canadian ideals: of making democracy deliver.

To make this vision a reality, we need your support. We are about to be officially recognized as Canada’s newest political party by Elections Canada - now we must be prepared to champion our message of moderation and effective governance across the country.

Your contribution will help us share our message from coast to coast to coast, ensuring that Canadian politics remains grounded in practical solutions and unity rather than being swallowed whole by extremism.

Join us in our fight for a better Canada. Together, we can uphold the values that make our country strong and inclusive - and work together to make this great country even better!

Thank you for your support, and happy Canada Day!

Warm regards,

Dominic Cardy

Interim Leader

Canadian Future Party


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