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Hillier and Cardy on how we can support Ukraine:

Last week our Interim Leader Dominic Cardy had the chance to speak in depth with General (Ret’d) Rick Hillier about how we support Ukraine and prepare for a possible influx of Ukrainian visa holders prior to the March 31 deadline for arrival in Canada.


This inspiring conversation was a reminder of the times in Canadian history where we rose to the challenge to get things done. Cardy reminded us that “we carved this country out of frozen Rock” and Hillier highlighted various times in our history where we rose to the challenge including when we welcomed 25,000 Syrian refugees in 2015.


Both highlighted how we needed strong leadership and nimble structures linked with innovation and private individuals and innovative solutions. 


The chat ended with a challenge to listeners to be part of the solution. Hillier highlighted some of the many ways that individuals can help from hosting a Ukrainian family, to volunteering to calling your MP and provincial representative to make sure they know their constituents support Ukraine.  Are you able to help? Do you have good ideas? We want to hear from you! The Canadian Future party wants to move on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. What do you think?


You can watch the chat here.

Help us continue our mission by becoming a member, donating or volunteering. Together we can build a better future for Canada.


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