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Introducing Our Interim President

Dear friends,

I am honoured to be the Interim President of the Canadian Future Party.

I accepted this position because I don’t see that my values and interests are

represented when I look at our current political landscape. On the left side of the

spectrum, I see irresponsible fiscal stewardship, the stripping of resources for our

armed forces at a time of significant international conflict, unnecessary impediments

in the path of resource developers, and the same tired soundbites circulated again

and again on issues of climate change and health care.

On the right side of the spectrum, however, I don’t see real solutions. Instead, I hear

incessant attacks, unrealistic talk of “removing the gatekeepers” in an overly

simplistic effort to address our affordability crisis, and a disturbing willingness to

advance the interests of conspiracy theorists and other fringe elements.

Canadians deserve better.

We need evidence-based solutions to a number of pressing Canadian issues (climate

change, health care, our declining productivity and our standing in the world),

delivered by a political party whose leaders exercise sound judgment and

communicate in a respectful and prime ministerial tone.

I want to end the political homelessness that I know many Canadians feel! Please join

me as I assist the Canadian Future Party in filling the vacuum around Canada’s

political centre.


Tara McPhail


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