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Reflections on the Toronto St. Paul's by-election

Dear Supporters,

The recent Toronto-St. Paul’s byelection has sent a clear message: Canada is ready for change. But what kind of change will that be?

On Monday night, the government lost. Mr. Poilievre’s Conservatives, despite their narrow win in a traditionally safe Liberal seat, have positioned themselves as the favorites for next year’s election. This highlights a critical moment for our country.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberals have lost the mandate of the people, and the NDP and Greens have failed to present viable alternatives. While the Conservatives appear formidable, their alignment with social conservative movements and conspiracy theories is deeply concerning.

This is where the Canadian Future Party steps in. Our nation is grappling with numerous crises—from healthcare and housing shortages to foreign interference and climate change. Yet, the old parties continue to place divisive partisan politics above the good of the country.

The Canadian Future Party was founded to offer a new direction.

We were founded on the idea of bringing Canadians together, not tearing them apart.

We were founded on the principles of evidence-based policies, optimism, and courageous leadership.

And, we plan to deliver.

We need your support today to make this vision a reality. With your help, we can ensure that in the next election, there is a Canadian Future Party candidate on the ballot from coast to coast to coast, ready to bring meaningful change to this great country.

Will you donate today to help us become the clear alternative that voters seek in the next election?

Together, we can build a better future for Canada. Thank you for your support.

Let’s go!



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