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The growth continues

Well – the time has come.

We have submitted to be an eligible party. 2024 will be the year where we get to bring a version of politics forward that tackles the real issues and uses evidence to find the solution.

2024 is already teeing up to be a challenging year for Canada – a cost-of-living crisis, a deepening housing crisis, ongoing Covid outbreaks, a health care crisis, and growing international conflicts. Our institutions have faltered but we still believe they are the right institutions for the job. The Party’s New Year's resolution is to put forward thoughtful solutions for debate and contribute to a national dialogue that deals with the current issues rather than pandering to voting bases.

2023 was a time of internal organization – we set up our National Council and completed the work to start our journey as of 2024. This year will be a year of growth. Once we are determined eligible by Elections Canada, we will need to put forward a candidate in a byelection or election. In the meantime, we are about to start working on setting up structures at the riding level and building a policy process.  All of this will lead to a convention in the Fall.

We are operating the party on a fully volunteer basis and remotely to keep our costs down.  The time has now come to start building up a financial base for the byelections. We still cannot issue tax credits, that point will come when we run our first candidate. But we are asking you to contribute what you can now so we can be ready to build this year.

You can donate now here to help us prepare for a year of growth and conversation.

Let’s get to work!


Tara McPhail

Interim President

Canadian Future Party


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