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We are almost there, the timing of our party status now rests with you

On Friday April 26 we received confirmation that Elections Canada is satisfied with our application and will now be communicating with all members who submitted an attestation to confirm their support. This is great news! We are one step closer to party status. 

For those who submitted their letters in the fall and winter, check your mailbox and get the application back as quickly as you can. Once our 250 are confirmed our application will be submitted for final approval. Please email once you have submitted so we can track progress.

For members who haven't submitted letters, we have emailed you the form and asked you to submit just in case there is any delay in response from our signing members. We want to be ready with a second batch of letters to ensure we can move through this step as quickly as possible. If you didn't see this email, just reach out and I will get you the form and your member number if you don't have it handy. 

For subscribers who aren't members, you can get your membership here and be part of our movement as we move forward towards the byelections.

You also can support us as a volunteer or donor or by spreading the word by sharing our website, twitter, or facebook

As soon as we are an eligible party we can get the work on building the party and fielding candidates in the upcoming byelection. We aren't just a party - we are a movement and a tribe and together we can build a better Canada with bold innovation and sensible evidence based solutions. 

Let's finish this process and get to work! 


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