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Well, that was quite the week!

I expected the launch of the Canadian Future party to attract some attention, but nothing like the wave of public and media interest from coast to coast we received. This conversation with National Post columnist John Ivison might answer some of your questions about our new party.

Thank you to everyone who’s been on this journey with us and to the hundreds of new supporters who signed up to Canadian Future over the past week, and to everyone who has written or called with questions and ideas.

Many questions focused on what’s next for the party, how to get involved, and key policy areas Canadian Future will focus on, over the next few months. You asked, we answered!

Question: what’s next for Canadian Future?

In the coming weeks Canada’s Future will introduce members of our interim National Council and complete Election Canada’s requirements to register as a full-fledged political party. We are gathering membership declarations from our 250 founding members. We would like to hear from you if you would like to be to be a founding member, volunteer or donate.

Question: where can I learn more about Canadian Future?

English Website:

French Website:

X-Twitter: @cdnfutureparty

Please follow us on social media! This is a citizen-led party, if you like our message, please help us spread the word - forward this email to five friends.

Question: what policies will Canadian Future focus on?

First, if anyone is interested in contributing policy ideas here is our template.

Our policy team will only review completed documents so please develop your ideas as much as possible – if we are going to be an evidence-based party then we have to lead by example.

Here are three Canadian Future policies; these will be open to debate and a vote at our founding convention – around this time next year. I’ll be sharing more of our policies in the weeks and months to come.

Policy highlights

Canadian Future: on the cost of living

Canadians pay too much for housing, cell phones, transport, and food. Canadian Future will open an immigration stream and expand trade opportunities to provide the construction industry with the workers they need to fix our housing crisis.

Canadian Future will break open the cozy monopolies in the telecom, airline, and grocery sectors which see Canadians paying too much for too little. Canadian Future will end supply management in the agricultural sector.

Other parties propose distracting band aids. Canadian Future proposes structural change.

Canadian Future: on climate change

Climate change is real. We can argue about it, or we can do our part to fix it. And make our economy stronger at the same time. We propose major federal investment in the nuclear industry, including carbon capture, including existing technology and new small modular reactors, and the sale of our technology to democratic allies. We propose support for significant prizes in research and development to drive private sector and academic innovation.

As our climate changes, Canada faces wildfires, floods, and severe storms. We propose three months of paid national service for all young Canadians, offering training on how to support communities during natural disasters and other emergencies.

We propose to replace the carbon tax with a system to impose costs on polluting industries, not on Canadians who, especially in rural areas, often lack low-carbon alternatives to everything from transport to purchasing manufactured goods.

Other parties propose tax increases or deny climate change exists. Canadian Future proposes solutions to directly reduce carbon emissions and to deal with the impacts of climate change.

Canadian Future: on national defence

We propose a comprehensive defence and security review based on a defence budget no less than 2% of our GDP, meeting our commitment to our NATO allies.

We support Ukraine. Until victory.

We propose decoupling from the Chinese Communist Party government as soon as possible, and to protect our country – in particular Chinese-Canadians – from CCP manipulation and interference. We propose discussions with the government of Taiwan on restoring full diplomatic relations and increasing our military and diplomatic role in the Pacific.

Trade and economic deals must support Canada’s national security agenda, not the other way around. Letting dictators build their armies using our money just doesn’t make sense. Other parties won’t admit that the world is heading towards war – even though our military and security forces all say that’s what happening. Canadian Future will confront the grim reality of world politics in 2023 and prepare Canada for what’s to come. No sugar coating.

I hope this gives you an idea of what’s up with the Canadian Future team. Now all that’s left is for you to get involved! Reach out, and let’s get this done.

For Canada!

Dominic Cardy

MLA for Fredericton West-Hanwell/ Député pour Fredericton Ouest-Hanwell

Interim Leader, Canadian Future party/ Chef par interim, parti Avenir Canadien


Would like to suggest that Canada Future Party establish a presence in the fediverse on Mastodon.


Steph Marleau
Steph Marleau
Oct 20, 2023

I was looking to see updates on the Centre Ice Canadians and see that things have progressed. Great to see.


Richard Enns
Richard Enns
Oct 17, 2023

Who should I contact to get more involved at this time?


I'm glad to hear that initial response has been so good. I don't expect to agree with 100% of policy ideas floated, but the support for nuclear power really shakes me. Hopefully this will never become a plank in our platform.


What happened to election reform? It was one of the main reasons I joined the party....

Julia Smith
Julia Smith
Oct 17, 2023
Replying to

It is in the policy framework still. You can see it on the site.

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