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Who we are

Last night I hosted an impromptu get together of members in Toronto and we had a fascinating discussion about the new party and what the new party believes in and does that is different than the existing parties.

Like many conversations about the CFP, we talked about the misconceptions. That we’re just disillusioned members of other parties. We’re not, there are people who have joined us who were Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, Greens . . . though no ex-People’s Party members I’m aware of! Just as important, we have members who have never been active in party politics before.


This led to a conversation about how we are different. And a point came up I’ve heard over and over, from members across the country: yes, policies are important. But it is the culture of the party that makes it different.


So, what is that CFP culture? 


Our party is a space for conversation, disagreement, and respectful debate. As one participant said, this is a tribe. People who are curious, want to dig into hard problems and who don’t pick easy solutions. We care about others, want to fix Canada’s institutions, and know we must work together to make that happen.


We base our discussions and decisions on facts, on lessons learned from other places - and on our own confidence and creativity. Our focus isn’t on Band-Aids for broken systems, we will look at solutions that are radical. Radical, but always responsible and always reasonable. Responsible because governments often forget they are making decisions about the lives of real people, and reasonable because if your ideas won’t work then you’re not being radical – you’re just making people more cynical about political promises.


We draw hard lines on what is, and is not, acceptable. Our code of conduct for party members will be shared later this year and you’ll see it’s more demanding than traditional parties: we expect CFP members to defend an evidence-based approach to public life and to defend personal liberties, collective action, and democracy.


We believe every citizen shares responsibility for what our government does. It’s our responsibility to act, not to wait for others. Every member - every citizen - can make things better.

I love getting to host these gatherings with you. I love the conversations, the energy and the determination I see as people engage face to face. A new list of gatherings will be shared in the near future.

If you’d like to arrange a CFP meeting in your community, please get in touch!


Julie Smith

Member coordinator 


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