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Subject: Join Me in Shaping Our Canadian Future 


Dear [Friend’s Name],


I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share something that has recently caught my attention and I believe it might interest you too.


Have you heard of the Canadian Future Party? It’s a new political party that’s gaining momentum here in Canada, and I think it aligns with a lot of the values we’ve talked about. The party is committed to evidence-based policies, fiscal responsibility, and fostering an open society. They actually care about finding bold solutions to the challenges we face, from healthcare to housing and the climate crisis.


The party’s interim leader, Dominic Cardy, has an impressive background in public service and international affairs, and I find the party’s vision for a strong, sensible, and service-oriented Canada truly inspiring.


I’m considering joining the party to be part of this positive change, and I thought you might be interested in being a part of it too. You can learn more about their values and policy proposals on their website at


Let’s catch up soon and discuss this further. 


Take care,

[Your Name]

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