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Why Canada needs a centrist option

Hear Canadian Future leaders on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen

Canadian Future Party interim leader Dominic Cardy, founding member Rick Peterson, and Edmonton supporter Dicky Dikamba joined Ryan Jespersen on his Real Talk show for a wide-ranging discussion on why Canada needs a centrist political option and why now.

This is a very serious moment for Canada and the values that have shaped it and brought it prosperity. The world is on edge as oppressive regimes in Russia and China threaten democracy and our tradition of western liberalism. At home, we have a health care system that is not meeting Canadians’ needs, a crisis in affordable housing and a dangerous polarization of our politics and coarsening of the discourse surrounding it.

And neither the Government nor the Official Opposition is stepping up to address these existential issues facing us, as our politics has descended into theatre at a time when we need bold ideas and strong policies.

Cardy, Peterson and Dikamba articulated why the time is right for a new option and why that option is The Canadian Future Party.


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