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Why they joined Canadian Future Party

Canadians who feel politically homeless and want to see a return to practical, principled, centrist politics – to see policy decisions made on evidence of what will work for Canada, not what will generate the most clicks on social media – continue to come to our new political movement The Canadian Future Party.

We expect to be recognized officially by Elections Canada in the near future and will then contest the upcoming byelections as Canada’s newest official federal political party.

Here are testimonials from a few new members on why they joined:

Judith, from Battle River-Crowfoot in Alberta, is a former medical lab technologist and current stay at home Mom who operates on the principle of following evidence:

‘I have always been fearful of extremism, and I've wanted to be a part of groups who examine evidence and listen to how people are affected by policies so as to help things be as best as possible for all people. I like the 'middle way' as a place to call home so as to be in a good position to listen to everyone and how they are affected by policies and procedures, as well as listen to everyone's ideas about how to make improvements in all peoples' life situations. Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone but if always stuck in the extreme right or left, minds and ears are locked shut - not a place I want to be.’

Susan, Kenora in Ontario, a long distance cyclist who works two jobs to maintain her household, in the past a Liberal voter who has occasionally voted Conservative:

‘We need a party who assumes that Canadians are smart enough to vote on REAL issues. This sounds like it may be the path. Also, we need proportional representation/election reform and that is part of CFP’s policy.’

Robert, Ajax-Pickering, a retired provincial civil servant, with traditional center-Liberal political leanings:

‘Over the years I became quite disappointed with the increasingly left-of-center direction of the federal Liberal party, which I used to vote for ever since immigrating to Canada in 1970 from (then) communist Poland. I hope to find in this new party representative of more centrist views of voters both on Liberal and Conservative political spectrums.’

Paul, Kootenay-Columbia, a business owner and father, involved volunteer in his community:

‘When I first saw the information about the party I found its o refreshing. A party that focuses on facts to drive the policy decisions, incredible! A party that isn't going to waste precious time squabbling about what the cover of the passport looks like! Let's get on with the things that really matter and make a difference to Canadians. I love the idea of that!’

There are many other Canadians sharing similar stories of how they don’t see themselves reflected in where the current major political parties have allowed themselves to drift, and they are thirsting for an alternative. If you are interested in joining them please click here.

If you would like to support our work, please make a contribution here.


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