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Our Canadian Future

Evidence based. Bold. Open. Commitment to service.

About Us

Canadian Future is Canada's newest federal political party. 


More than two thirds of Canadians feel politically homeless. They’re worried about growing extremism on the left and right, worried our institutions are growing weaker, even as government gets bigger. Canadian Future has a message for those Canadians: we may have been politically homeless but we are not helpless. Together, we can create a Canada with sensible,  bold solutions to the problems our country faces - from health care to housing to the climate crisis. 


Our party is driven by evidence and a belief in an open society. We are proud of Canada, and can’t wait to be part of making it better.

Our Vision

We believe in evidence based policy.

In bold solutions to the problems facing Canadians.

Our party values an open society, sound financial policies based on results for Canadians, and a commitment to building a very different type of political party, one which will offer every member meaningful opportunities to engage in our country’s public life.

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