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Our Canadian Future

Evidence based. Bold. Open. Commitment to service.

About Us

Canadian Future is Canada's newest federal political party. 


More than two thirds of Canadians feel politically homeless. They’re worried about growing extremism on the left and right, worried our institutions are growing weaker, even as government gets bigger. Canadian Future has a message for those Canadians: we may have been politically homeless but we are not helpless. Together, we can create a Canada with sensible,  bold solutions to the problems our country faces - from health care to housing to the climate crisis. 


Our party is driven by evidence and a belief in an open society. We are proud of Canada, and can’t wait to be part of making it better.

Our Interim Leader:

Dominic Cardy

Dominic Cardy was born in the UK in 1970; his family moved to Fredericton in 1971. He was elected as the Progressive Conservative MLA for the constituency of Fredericton West-Hanwell in 2018 and sworn in as Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development in November 2018. Re-elected in 2020 and re-appointed as Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development in September 2020, he resigned as Minister in 2022 and sits as an independent. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Dalhousie University. Dominic worked for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs on the campaign to ban landmines, for the Washington-based National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in increasingly senior managerial roles, living and working in countries across Asia and Africa, and then served as Asia-Pacific Director for the Ottawa-based Forum of Federations. He was Leader of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party from 2011-2016 and Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Opposition from 2017-2018. He is a member of the editorial board of Inroads, a Canadian policy journal, and has been a flying instructor since 1994.


Our Vision

We believe in evidence based policy.

In bold solutions to the problems facing Canadians.


Fiscal Responsibility

Strong Canada

Evidence-based policies

Programs that Deliver

Our party values an open society, sound financial policies based on results for Canadians, and a commitment to building a very different type of political party, one which will offer every member meaningful opportunities to engage in our country’s public life.

‘Tired of extreme politics. Tired of first past the post. Tired of the pandering to the loudest voices. All parties seem lost or out of touch. Want a positive vision that respects multiple viewpoints, even if I disagree with them.’

Arthur, BC

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